MyFirst Fabletics Order… My Review

Happy April Fools! It’s been years since I’ve played any prank… Well, any that were on purpose. I digress; this post is about Fabletics.

Back view of the Aventura tank with vaasa sports bra and hamilton sweatpant II from Fabletics

Fabletics back view

I received my first order last week. I ordered the Aventura Tank, Hamilton Sweatpant II, and Vaasa Sports Bra. And not a single item fit properly. Wowsa. I didn’t think it was possible to make me feel fat. I’m a fairly slender, fit/athletic person, so I was very disheartened when I pulled these items out of the packages and tried them on.

Fabletics Sizing

Fabletics Sizing

The Hamilton Sweatpant has a butt pocket on the left bum cheek, a thick waist band with a draw string to hold them up, and a slightly-tight elastic that fits around the calf or the knee. I have very small calves, so the fact that I find that the elastic is tight on me means that it won’t be the best fit for people with more average-sized calves. I could fit inside these sweat pants twice. I ordered a size small and these were huge, even for the baggier look. I’m regularly a pant size small or XS/size 3, 4, or 5 in some name brands, and 27 waist on Silver or Guess jeans. Sizing of these pants, verdict: Too big! They fit like a large. 


The Vaasa sports bra is likely the only thing I will catch myself wearing from this order. It’s comfy and I like the strap design (see image above for a bit of a peak). The color and overall design is a nice break from regular sports bras. It doesn’t offer a lot of support, but I obviously am not overly concerned with that. There is compression in it, which is a mixture of a result of the fabric and the fitting smaller than regular. I got a size XS. I have a 32″ rib cage and this is a very snug fit. My only complaint is that the front panel could use being wider. By that, I mean that the straps in the front start more mid-chest as opposed to starting closer to the arm pits like most sports bras and shirts, making it seem to small width-wise. I’m not sure if this is typical of the design, a mismatch of design and my own body, or it actually being too small. Sizing of this sports bra verdict: Either true to size or half size smaller than true size.


Is there a tummy under there? No. No, there isn't.

Is there a tummy under there? No. No, there isn’t.

Aventura tank top. Making skinny girls look poofy. This shirt looked so snug and amazing on the model. I’m usually a size small and this is a size small. See picture above to see how bloody huge this tank top is. I saw it in the package and thought “No way is that going to be snug, nor is it going to hang off me well”. The front part hangs down like it once belonged to a very busty person who was nice enough to hand it down to me. The length is perfect, however. If it were a bit more snug, I’m guessing it wouldn’t look like I was trying to hide a pregnancy stomach (I’m not; nothing there, don’t worry). I can’t even imagine that the size XS would even come close to being snug, either. This is a size small and it is huge! Even for a baggy-style tank top, it’s just not the right size at all. The fabric is nice and it is comfy. Just way, way, unfortunately too big to size. Aventura tank top size verdict: Bigger than your mom’s minivan. Way too big.


Bonus picture. Very unflattering outfit, altogether.

Bonus picture. Very unflattering outfit, altogether.

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