New Year’s Resolutions :: Or not. GYM TIME!

What is yours? It’s a little bit later in the month and by now, you’ve probably either started on your resolution or already given up.

There are a few common ones, most of which are related to self-improvement: Exercising regularly, eating healthier, maintaining a better sleep schedule, improving your relationship, being more confident, being more social…

All of these things are pretty hard to do if you’re not sure where to start. It’s not a resolution, but I recently started going to the gym again, three times per week. This is something I tend to do in the winter when the sun stops shining as much, the social activities are finished, and I’m just generally grumpy. Exercise helps my mental, emotional, and physical state.

So what do I do at the gym? An adapted starting strength workout routine. Free weights! I love them. I’m going to cover bits and pieces of the routine on this website in order to help other people gain a good understanding of the workouts… Mind you, I’m not a personal trainer. I didn’t do my practicum hours for it because I got into nursing, but I do have all the theory and knowledge of a PT 😉

This morning, I’m off to do squats, squats, squats, squats, squats (channeling the “Shots, shots, shots” song), deadlifts–assuming my gym allows them when it’s busy… January–, arnold presses, and body weight dips. My triceps have always been my downfall. I’m thinking Friday I will have to swap the dips for pull-ups to align the muscle group workouts better.

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