North Island College Bridge-In: LPN to BSN/RN

Winter 2015 marks the first semester of the new program for LPN bridge-in students hoping to earn their bachelor of science degree in nursing. This particular program allows qualified LPNs to enter into the fourth semester of the BSN program. Assuming a seat opens up. I’m at the top of the waiting list so either I will get in this year or it will be put off for another year until semester 4 rolls around again.

The down side to this program is the bridge-in courses that are offered. I’m not sure why they made these courses a pre-requisite. The courses were copies of what I have already taken in my LPN course with no real new information afforded. Maybe other schools or teachers didn’t focus on the same ideas and lesson plans that mine did in 2009.

The other prerequisites were a few English courses–essentially, two courses of university/college-level English. And Biology 260 so that we are caught up to where the second year BSN students are at.

I don’t recommend working full time with a full course load, for whatever it’s worth. Especially with kids and moving, and a flooded basement, and… And… 😛

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