October 2012 Glymm Box!

Been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but October’s box inspired me a little bit. I received my first TopBox and was a little disappointed in its contents, but maybe I just had high expectations.

October 2012 Glymm

In All its Glory

I’m really enjoying how they keep changing up the actual bag that they use. So far, I have an orange, a pink, a black, a white, and now a shiny pink bag. I’ve been using them to organize items. I have one that I use as my “Nurse” bag — I keep my nursing license, CPR certificate, eye glass cleaner, pens, and so forth in it. Another is used to house my many facial moisturizers and samples; another for my earrings, and so forth.

Hot Pink!

Hot Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness

As you all probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Glymm showed its support by packing this month’s box inside of a hot pink shiny faux snake skin pouch.

Included in the October’s box includes two tubes of special facial moisturizer, baby oil, Baby buttercream, lash cards, and mascara. Oh and a breast cancer awareness ribbon.

Cyber Derm

Cyber Derm ~ The Sunscreen Company

There were two small sized moisturizers included in this month’s Glymm box. They are made by Cyber Derm, which is a sunscreen company.

Every Morning Sun Whip :: SPF 25 with 15% zinc oxide allows for a transparent application of sun protection that is acne-friendly. This sample was enough for about 2 weeks.


H2O Hydration :: Provides a calming hydration to help relieve your face of daily stressors. Perfect for application underneath/before Every Morning Sun Whip.

These moisturizers have a light, non-perfumed scent, and an easy application. Not bad, especially for the Every Morning Sun Whip one. It’s hard to find good sun protection for this Irish-skinned lady girl. This is a good redemption for that other sun screen product Glymm sent out during the summer… The cocoa something that claimed to have a transparent application yet actually painted your face white. Aye.

Baby Buttercreme

Baby Buttercreme

A medium-sized pot of Baby Buttercreme; a hair product that you rub through wet hair to avoid the frizzies.

I’m not too sure if I like this product or not. I’m having issues with my hair lately, but it sure smells good. Smells fresh!

This product is made by Miss Jessie’s.





Lash cards.

I give these a hearty “Meh.” I didn’t find these at all helpful. In fact, I made a bigger mess of my eye than had I not used them.

MascaraLightening Lash Mascara. This stuff takes forever to dry and flakes off relatively easy, but I like the application of it and how it seemingly lengthens and fills lashes. Would maybe buy… haha


IT'S BACK@!$!Yessss! It’s back! The product card. Thank god. I seriously hated the online version. Added bonus:

Glymm Mama

Glymm Mama

A glymm box catered to moms and moms-to-be. Ooo, this looks like a gooder. As a way to promote this, we received…

Baby Oil

Baby Oil

The world’s best eye makeup remover. Slather this on your wet body to moisturize the ever-loving heck out of your skin.

Did that sound dirty?

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