Personal Updates

It’s been a while since I chatted about myself! Which is kind of odd for me… I guess I’m trying to find the balance of not sharing too much information.

I want to discuss my pubic symphysis dysfunction which continues, despite being post partum, having given birth in August of 2011. Although it has improved some-what, my left side is significantly weaker than my right side. If I twist my upper body, I get pain  in my pubic bone. If I lay flat, I get pain in my iliosacral region. If I try to get into a sitting position from a laying position, I can feel my pubic bone being pulled at. If I walk too long or sit too long, I get a very strong dull feeling ache. Ultimately, I am still broken.

I want to run. I miss running.

So far, the only thing that helps is resting in bed, which is hard to do as a single parent of two. I also discovered a compression belt which I try to wear for a few hours a day at the minimum. I also try to wear it if I am standing for long periods or doing heavy physical activity. I purchased it here:

It is helping me a lot with the pain. It at least takes away most of the discomfort, though it looks absolutely ridiculous. Not that you really care when there is this annoying pain interfering with your daily life. It squishes your butt flat and gives you a muffin top! haha

It doesn’t solve the cause of the issue, but it is relief in the iterem. I’m awaiting a physio consult for this pelvic pain. I don’t think it’s pubic symphysis diastasis, because the pain from that is apparently bad enough to make you bed bound and physically unable to walk (which is about what I went through in pregnancy). I’m not sure what the issue is, though.

The stitches

After nearly 6 months, I finally had my stitches surgically removed. I had a (tmi) labial tear which essentially tore myself like tissue paper; in half on the left side. My midwife stitched it back together from the inside to outside. It healed really well; you can barely tell it even existed… Except for how the stitches (running stitch), the knot, and the tails were all still very much present underneath my skin, enclosed fully. I had to have hoo-ha surgery to have the stitches literally cut out from my deeper tissue.

Let me tell you… First, there is no good way to freeze the skin and muscle tissues in that area. Second, it is nearly impossible to walk with a frozen vulva. Third… Driving a standard really sucks when you can’t feel your crotch. Just saying.

That said, most of the stitches have been removed, however, some deeper pieces had to remain behind. It has been a week since their removal and I’m pretty darn relieved, although I am far from healed.

Also… They used prolene stitches. Known for its use for permanent placement. Yeah. Kind of a big mistake. They’re lucky I’m not easily angered 😛

Or American.

Oh snap.

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