Planned Upcoming Posts : PostPartum Recovery, Reviews, and More

As my little princess sleeps on my chest, I thought I would write out the posts and articles I want to write out this month.

I originally wanted to do a progression of my postpartum body; sharing the ins and outs and how long it takes for one’s stomach to go back down to its new normal, use of belly bandits, mother tucker tank tops, and so forth. Unfortunately–or fortunately–this time around was much faster than with my son, at one week postpartum, my stomach had shrunk almost completely back to size and now at 11 days post partum, it is almost fully back to normal with the exception of linea nigra streaking itself from below my ribs, mid-lined down to my pubic bone and some slight extra padding. Perhaps, I can focus the postpartum recovery more on my hips, instead. Those tend to take longer to digress and I will be working with a physiotherapist at 8 weeks post partum to ensure that my pelvis is aligned properly.

I might touch on post-partum guilt, which I have had throughout this experience in relation to feeling good and shrinking down so fast. For some reason, this has caused me a lot of guilt, especially when people ask me how I’m doing. I almost want to fib a little and say “Oh, terrible. So tired and sore!” haha

What’s in Store

  • Belly Bandit Review
  • Mother Tucker Nursing Neck Tank Top from Belly Bandit Review
  • Mother Tucker Scoop Neck Tank Top from Belly Bandit Review
  • Breastmilk collection silicon pump review
  • Tips to making your postpartum recovery great
  • Tips on adjusting to life with a newborn
  • Things I found useful in trying for a natural birth in the face of an induction
  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Management Tips and Tricks
  • FabFitFun Spring Box

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