Playing the Waiting Game :: 35 Weeks Pregnant

I had a burst of energy last week and prepared everything for the baby. Now we play the waiting game… Except we’re not waiting to go into labor. We are waiting for the next 10-14 days to come to see when our induction will begin.

I have been experiencing increased pain in my pubic bone and SI joints this week, including muscle pain that radiates out from my illiac crest to underneath my belly. It is making movement difficult and at times extremely painful. At night, when I roll onto my side, I can feel my pubic joint shift which then causes severe pain.

Nausea is doing what it does. Comes and goes. I had a few days where food came right back up. Those are always fun 🙂

Baby seems to be coping well with the cholestasis and everything else. The bi-weekly NSTs have been uneventful after the other weeks’ which ended in a biophysical ultrasound that showed baby was doing really well. The NSTs don’t provide me a lot of relief, but hearing that the baby was doing everything it should be (practice breathing, growing appropriately) in the ultrasound made me more at ease. It’s nerve-wracking having the diagnosis of cholestasis of pregnancy as there are risks for baby. Sure the itching sucks, but I’m more concerned with baby’s health. My intuition is more settled as the days come to an end; when I was first going through the process of being diagnosed, all I could think about was the risk of stillbirth and respiratory issues. I guess knowing that he or she will be coming soon has put me at ease. That and knowing that the doctors and midwives in charge of my care are all on the same page with active management 🙂

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