Pregnancy Makes You Lazy!

After my sickness had gone away enough that I was able to stand longer than a few minutes without feeling winded, I returned to work. April’s work schedule was good, May was better, yet my main work place hadn’t given me my line back yet. I held on for June even though I was feeling terrible health-wise.

June’s schedule was posted and I only had 8 shifts… Two of which I couldn’t make due to appointments and previous obligations. In essence, the longer I forced through my sickness to try and make a decent maternity leave pay, the less of a pay I was actually going to receive.

I talked with my midwives and we decided that I was indeed too sick to continue working and I began my second sick leave on June 1st. This time, I am submitting the leave to EI. The sick leave couldn’t have happened at a better time: My nausea came back almost in full swing, my iron levels are still low, my belly hasn’t really grown in the past 4-6 weeks, and I have developed a mild case of symphisis pubis dysfunction which would have gotten continually worse with every shift I worked.

I’m fairly certain that I will not be baking any more kids after this baby! It’s too rough on my mind and body. If I want more down the road, I’ll be filling out adoption papers 😉

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