Pregnancy Update, 16 Weeks Pregnant

Today, we are 16 weeks pregnant on the nose. I had my first chiropractor appointment today to look at my pelvic issues which have reared up again in this pregnancy; this time much earlier on. I already feel discomfort in my pubic bone and SI joint, likely related to the injury I sustained while pregnant with Keagan (possible or actual SI joint dislocation on the right side) while also have pubis symphysis dysfunction. I already find walking uncomfortable and as though it takes a lot more energy to do due to the need to actively engage my core muscles so as to keep the right side of my pelvis from over-rotating as I stride. With that said, it was apparent that my left side was posteriorly tilted and my right side was very mobile while the left side was quite fixed. I had a few non-painful and very minor adjustments, so we’ll see how that plays out in the next few days!

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It feels as though my nausea is getting worse, especially in the mornings. I coast through my mornings with a very apparent sense of nausea that I can’t seem to quell. It’s affecting my life for sure at this point, as I try to avoid doing a lot; movement makes it worse. And let me tell you, nausea is a hard thing to explain to others. I really get the sense that those around me just think I’m exaggerating it. I promise I’m not. It’s evidenced by my now lack of weight gain. I had gained weight last week, but I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight at four months pregnant and that is simply from food aversion and nausea, rather than vomiting. With that said, though, it’s better than my last term pregnancy by far.

Other symptoms include heavy mood swings, irritability, crying, and a great increase in the amount of sleep I need. Waking up to an alarm is getting harder and harder! This will make Wednesdays and Thursdays difficult as I have to be up by 5:30 am. Ahh!

All in all, I can’t complain. Much. It is what it is and I can feel the little one moving around, so they’re getting what they need 🙂

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