Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks & Ultrasound Picture

Entering into the 19th week and my nausea has gotten to a tolerable amount with just two diclectin at night. I haven’t thrown up in 4 days, which is great! We had an anatomy scan on Thursday, which showed that baby was developing just fine, despite my itty bitty bump.

I had a midwife appointment on Wednesday and I am up to 144 lbs. I think I started around 138 lbs? So that is a six pound gain, not included weight loss and gain-back from the first trimester rampant nausea 😛

I had a chiropractor appointment on Friday for an adjustment and that left me very sore and made my pelvis feel loose skeletal-wise, so walking was a little difficult, but after a nice long snooze…Interrupted countless times to use the bathroom, I woke up with my skeleton feeling pretty good. I walk with caution still, however.

We are not finding out the gender during the pregnancy. Your guess is as good as mine… Boy or girl? 🙂


Boy or girl? #18weeks #ultrasound

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