Pregnancy, Week 14

Today, I am 14 weeks and 4 days pregnant with number 3. I haven’t quite popped yet, but I certainly look like I’ve been indulging in too many sweets. With my son, I had horrible morning sickness that borderlined hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) at times and sometimes even ventured into HG, especially in the first trimester. I have been on the full dose of Diclectin since 6 weeks to try and keep the morning sickness minimal. So far, I have only thrown up after meals a handful of times and it has mostly kept to just throwing up in the mornings. Nausea, however, is almost all day and is worse in the evenings. Fortunately, I have been able to eat relatively normal since around 13 weeks. I lost two pounds over the first 3 months, but managed to gain back 2… And then 4 more. 😛

So far, definitely the easiest of the pregnancies. I thought HG was supposed to be worse with each pregnancy, but I have not found that to be the case!

With my last pregnancy, I had pubic symphysis dysfunction which was very bad in the end, causing a paralysis at one point where I could not bring my legs in front of me and had to bend over and shuffle. Currently, I can feel that it will turn into an issue again. I can feel my pelvic bones moving separately and have been experiencing pain in my pubic bone, already. I’m trying to be mindful of this so as to not allow it to progress further.

It is recommended that I birth in water for the PSD issue, however, with my last birth, I had a bleed which might mean that I will need to be in a hospital for this one, which means I will likely be birthing without the use of water. I’ll have to discuss this in depth with my midwives and explore the options from there.

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