Pregnancy Week 24 Update

First, a shout-out to a new mommy blogger šŸ™‚

I realized that I neglected to update this website with my pregnancy by mistake as I was using my YouTube channel to film Maternity Mondays! I’m still actively updating my Instagram, however — every Friday!

Symptoms this week: Nausea has been so much better. I was afraid as I’ve had to wean myself off of the Diclectin in light of losing my benefits from work and being placed on medical leave, which means that I cannot afford the luxury of antiemetic medications (ha…) Really, though. I stopped taking it for financial reasons. The first two days were absolute heck and I’m not sure what happened after those first initial two days. Either I was going through a withdrawal, which I’m not sure is actually possible with diclectin, or I have hit a stage in my pregnancy where my morning sickness has just eased off. I feel pretty bad in the morning and it takes me until noon to be able to stomach food, but I haven’t thrown up in over a week at this point!

As for my Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, it is definitely getting worse. Friday, I spent the morning pulling the kitchen table out and dusting off out trinkets, de-spider-webbing the window sills and blinds, etc., and sweeping (which is a big no-no with SPD), by around 4, I could barely shuffle walk. I tried to relax with a bath and found that there was still no hot water left from the laundry I had done earlier in the day. Ack!

Still suffering from some insomnia and waking up a few times in the night especially around the 5AM mark when my body tries to decide it’s morning time. No, body. No.

The cherry on the top of this relatively good update is… *drum roll* I woke up in the new year with strep throat. That’s right. Go big or go home, as they always say. So I’ve got a box of kleenex for my stuffy head and acetaminophen to keep any potential fevers at bay. I usually don’t treat fevers as they are often beneficial, but not in pregnancy, thank you very much!

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