Pregnancy Weeks 19-21

So I said I’d post this. Yes, yes I did. I have not bothered to put on makeup  in the past month… Well, except for one time because their was a presentation on delirium for health care workers here. Aside from that, I have been lazy as heck, so just excuse the mess that is my face in most of the pictures

Between weeks 19 and 21, baby’s kicks have turned from gentle flutters to hard kicks and that feeling of a body part sliding against the belly. Baby’s getting big now!

At 19 weeks, we went in for an ultrasound appointment (the anatomy scan) and we were hoping to find out the sex, but apparently VIHA had made it a policy not to tell the gender. Boo! Oh well… I should go through the boxes and boxes of girl clothes in the garage anyway!

My hyperemesis gravidarum has remained at bay so far. I’m still on diclectin (a Canadian medication for nausea and vomiting in Canada) — two tabs at night. It gets me by, but I still suffer from food aversions. Unfortunately, most of my food aversions are towards healthy foods. I’m eating crap. Pretty much.

I had put on 10 lbs as of yesterday, but the scale showed a gain of only 5 lbs total today. Water weight, I guess. Pregnancy is a funny thing 😛

This is a bring update, because I a pooped! Long day spent outside in the amazing sunshine. I’ve missed the sun so much!

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