Reviewing the Anti-Stink Sticks…. Deodorant

In the past few months, I was given two different antiperspirants from Secret to try for free through In exchange, I am letting people know what I really think about these products. No fluff, no feigned positivism, just real opinions.


Clinical Strength. Heh heh, yeah right. I received a travel size sample in the mail (free of charge, you guys. Totally free… Why aren’t you a BzzAgent yet?) I had previously tried their Secret Clear Gel, which boasted 48 hours of odor protection. The goopy gel managed to allow for a few hours of stink-free before I sweated most of it off at work — did you know nurses are generally speed walking their whole shift, lifting heavy things, moving people, and so forth? Lots of sweat! That said, I didn’t have high hopes for the clinical strength when I saw that it was a gel antiperspirant as well.

I digressed, I slopped the gel on and kept my hands above my head, making funny faces in the mirror until it dried and frolicked off to work with a back up pit stick in my bag just in case.

It smelled nice with just a plain clean smell to it. It went on okay and dried well. I performed many incognito nose dives to my armpits and never once smelled anything abhorrent. This was a night shift, so I had gone straight to bed directly afterward (if it was a hospital shift, I’d have showered first due to the risk of bringing nosocomial infections home, but this was long term care) and snoozed up a storm. I sweat like mad when I sleep during the day time. Sorry if that’s TMI, but we’re talking about antiperspirant here.

I woke up smelling fresh as a daisy. Aside from the morning breath. That was something else… Whew.

I didn’t sweat onto my scrubs, I smelled great after 8 hours of sweating, plus 5 hours of sleep sweating. I think I’m sold! Next time I buy deodorant, I’ll likely be buying this. As an added bonus, they sell this at Costco! My new favorite store 😀

If you are going to try this or if you have tried it in the past without success, I will give you a tip: you have to apply enough to make your armpit feel wet then you apply it. I usually give the applicator two clicks, which produces what looks like too much product, but trust me it isn’t. Apply it and be patient while it dries. Don’t wipe it off and don’t rush onto the next activity. This is clinical strength, designed to help with too much sweat while also suppressing odors, so there is a method to the gel madness!

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