RIP Glymm

As you all may have heard, Glymm has declared themselves goners. Unfortunately, their business model just couldn’t hold up any longer and they weren’t making money on these boxes.

Much like the case with my attempt at Butin Box. While working on the business plan, there just was no viable way to make the boxes affordable to customers while breaking even or making a profit. Shipping costs are slightly ridiculous and some companies are money grabbers.

If Glymm had charged $15.00 a month, I wonder if that would have made a difference. Regardless, I’m pretty sad to see them close their virtual doors. They were one of my favourite boxes to receive every month. Lots of goodies!

I’m still receiving TopBox which isn’t too bad. There was a box filled with Benefit goodies the other month and I loved each and every one of the products in it, especially their “They’re Real” mascara. If only it weren’t $30.00 a tube! I’m almost out of the sample. Boo!

I hope everyone is having a good Spring so far. The weather keeps changing rapidly, but the conditions are always mild.

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