Save Money on Produce: Regrow Your Celery

Regrowing Celery

Regrowing Celery

I just love Pinterest… It makes it so easy to save ideas for later and share with everyone… Plus it lets  you add comments. Yeah; comments. In your face, Tumblr.

Through the magic of Pinterest, I was introduced to the idea of regrowing celery (and lettuce, and chives, and green onions, and various other vegetables). What a great way to save some cash!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut off the celery stalks that you want to use now – leaving the base of the celery in tact.
  2. Take the base of the celery and place it into a bowl.
  3. Put in about an inch of warm water.
  4. Ensure the base is inside water for a few days.
  5. Watch for new leafs to appear and some roots to form.
  6. Plant in soil with just the leafs peaking through.
  7. Keep the soil damp as the plant grows.
  8. ?????
  9. Profit.
  10. I kid. I kid.
Keep the soil damp as the plant grows, but don’t overwater it. Over a few weeks, new stalks should grow up. Since this is nature we are working with, there is a chance that it might not grow at all, so try out a few.
Try it with bases of romain lettuce, green onions, and other green vegetables. 
Do not attempt with meat.
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