Shore Fishing in Comox Valley

Coho Outside KingfisherComox Valley Fishing

My first coho, caught off Royston

The Coho came around late this year and they were lazy buggers. Here, I stand with my first Coho whom I named George, caught on October 2nd. He was a decently big fellow with healthy, vibrant color inside and out. I’m used to trout fishing and wasn’t sure if this guy was a coho that I was allowed to keep. He wasn’t fighting much… And this might really bother some of you seasoned fishers, but after two whole runs, this guy swam beside me like a dog.

I waded (shore fishing) over to my boyfriend to see if this was actually a keeper or not. He took one look at what I was doing–casually strolling around with a coho salmon hooked on my line, swimming alongside me like a pet–and his face dropped with momentary panic before he told me to get it to shore. ha.

He ended up picking up the salmon for me and taking it to shore. There wasn’t a lot of fight in the salmon. I caught him beside the Kingfisher off of Gartley Point in Royston.

A few days later, I hooked another Coho after a blind cast, but was instructed to “quickly!” Get it to shore… in a moment of adrenalin-induced panic, I of course yanked the line to bring the salmon to shore (a mere 4 feet from me). It snapped. Pfth.

A few days after that, I caught my second coho. Another lazy one with very little fight. She was a beauty, though. I spent a few more days blind casting, but only spotted a few Chum Salmon in the area. I’ve retired my fishing rod for salmon for the year. It’s time to let them spawn up the rivers and get ready for another exciting year of fishing in 2015! I love salmon. Can’t wait.

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