Short Update :)

I haven’t necessarily forgotten about that “picture a day April” post I just made; I’ve just been super busy with sick kids, moving, baseball, and random other things.

We moved! Yay! We have set up our own little place, the kids and I. We found a nice condo in the middle of a small complex, so we’re in our own little community, which is great. If I can’t take my dog with me, at least we’re not alone here.  Sir Charles the Dog is staying with my mom for a while longer. He has buddied it up with her boxer, Dexter, so I don’t feel too bad… I’d feel bad for breaking them apart. They do everything together. They walk side-by-side, nap together, play together… They have a bromance going on!

I should get back to unpacking. It is taking forever with the two kids! My ex is out of the country right now, so I can’t ask him to visit with the kiddos. Awww 🙁

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