Spring Cleaning Post #4 : Outside Time

I’m not sure what the weather has been doing lately, but it seems like every time I have a day off, it starts raining, which makes mowing the lawn almost impossible. Here are some things I hope to be able to do this week… Even if the weather doesn’t hold up.

Here is a list of basic maintenance for your yard for you homeowners and renters lucky enough to have yards!

  1. Tidy up toys and bikes.
  2. Collect any branches, twigs, or other debris that you find in your yard and organize them however you see fit (bon fire if your area permits, road-side pick-up… off to the side where no one looks… You know. Wherever).
  3. Mow the lawn. Or pay your 12-year-old step son $10 to do it 🙂
  4. Weed or at least start weeding garden beds. If you moved into a place or live in a place where the weeds have taken over the garden beds, you can place cardboard down now in order to smother the weeds in an effort to have them come out easily come next last frost.
  5. Prune bushes and plants that are crowding walkways or gardens.

Now for some Nitty Gritty stuff outdoor stuff:

  1. Wherever you find green moss growing, sprinkle some laundry detergent powder over it. Repeat as necessary over a week or so until it turns brown, then scrape it up.
  2. Clean out your gutters in preparation for the fall and winter. Do so safely and with someone else home in case of an emergency.
  3. Clean your external windows. Just as you would with your indoor windows, or you can buy a hose attachment that has window cleaner in it: a quick spray and you’re done. Great for those higher up windows.
  4. If you have access to it, use a power washer on your cement or paved areas. Also good for the sides of your house if you have siding that can withstand the power of pressurized water. Google it to make sure, or leave a comment and I will let you know 😀
  5. Hold your breath and give your garbage can a good rinse-out.

There’s a good start for you! What things do you do during the summer and fall to keep your outside running smoothly?

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