Starting off May’s $300 Grocery Challenge

The average food budget for a small family in BC is between $500 and $600. I’m going to attempt $300 for my tiny family — including household items.

Going into May, I have cauliflower, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, plenty of baking ingredients, milk, cream, bread, vegetable stock (made from leftover veggies), eggs, and some yogurt. I started the week off with a $65.13 shop, which consisted mostly of fresh vegetables and fruit. I may have gotten licorice. Maybe.

I had more room in the budget this month. Don’t hate.

Yesterday’s dinner was comprised of a delicious cauliflower soup, using Pioneer Woman’s recipe as a guide — I did not use sour cream, nor chicken stock. I used the home made veggie stock, instead. I also had some breadstick dough which I had previously frozen, then de-thawed and freshly baked while the soup was simmering. Recipe for the breadsticks here.

I had cut up the single head of cauliflower into small sizes and placed them into my tupperware fridge smart containers (read reviews for these containers here. Page found via google search.) I was able to get three meals from the single head: the first was a roasted cauliflower, garlic, carrots, and brussel’s sprouts dish with a honey sauce (recipe), second was a simple sweet potato and cauliflower steamed side dish, and the above mentioned soup. Not bad for a $3.00 chunk of vegetable.

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