Summertime Yields Barbeques


We had a BBQ at the in-laws today where my mother-in-law presented me with something she had ordered for our expectant baby… I may or may not have asked for it shortly after finding out that the item exists. She gave baby the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe teddy which has a sound box inside of it that plays soothing sounds, including a water stream, mom’s heartbeat, night time sounds, and a more up-beat sound for play time. It’s so soft, I just want to snuggle it myself.

I’ve sequestered said teddy inside of the pack-and-play that I have set up in our living room. I’m pretty much all set for baby to come and feeling pretty good about it. That said, I don’t mind waiting if baby decides to come at 42 weeks… Though, I am quite done with this pregnancy. If you’ve followed me from the start, I’m sure you’d have guessed that already.

My nausea is incredibly tame this week compared to previous weeks. I still have moments where I have to stop what I’m doing and focus on not throwing up, but the moments are only once or twice a day as opposed to on and off all day. I’m sure it will ramp up again soon enough.

We got a La-Z-Boy delivery earlier this week and since then, I have noticed some improvement in my pubis symphisis during the day, but it is getting worse at night for sure. It is still preventing me from doing a lot around the house… I started a bathroom reno a week and a bit ago and I’ve had to put it on hold, which is driving me nuts! One big pet peve of mine is having the mental will and the energy to do something, but having your body not cooperate.

BBQ picture with my daughter’s dad’s first cousin, once removed. I don’t know what relation that makes to my daughter? If any? I’ve always had a very poor concept of cousin relations.

A smile only a grandma could bring out ;)

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