Supermoon Eclipse & The Vernal Equinox

This morning, across some North Atlantic regions, the super moon crossed paths with the sun, blocking it out for a little under a minute. Due to the clouds in the sky, not many people were able to witness it. This happened to coincide with the vernal equinox, marking the start of spring in 2015.

Spring has already start on the Island… That means it’s raining like crazy. We do live in a rain forest, so it’s par for the course.

With how the moon has been lately, I saw a beautiful moon rise around 6:40 am on my way to work the other day. The sliver of a crescent moon was bright pink as it came off from the horizon, behind the mountains. It slowly rose up and turned orange, then grew in size over ten minutes and faded to a faint blue as it usually is in the daytime… When it’s present in the daytime.

It was a beautiful reminder of how little life’s problems can be. We are in a universe filled with planets, stars, and a lot of unknowns. So running around for 15 minutes trying to find my boyfriend’s truck keys so I could move his truck to get my car out of the driveway was seemingly insignificant and I’m sure the nurse in charge won’t give me heck for being 5 minutes late, right? Right?? (I’ve been late twice in the past two years).

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