The Importance of Shin Pads in Slow Pitch

Bruise on my ankle and shin

Feels good, man

I was a little conflicted while giving this post a title. Do I tell people shin pads are important, or should I tell them not to be an idiot like me? haha

I play slow pitch baseball and I wear shin pads. In general, it’s a good idea to wear shin pads because balls traveling on the ground can easily scoop up off the ground and whack you right in the shin. Boy oh boy does it ever hurt when that happens!

Or you know… You decide that your glove isn’t going to reach the glove so you decide to put a lot of trust into your shin pad by raising your foot up to the ball to kick it out of the air.

Because that’s smart.

So damn smart.

Seriously. What could go wrong?

I stopped that sucker! Heck yeah. Stopped it good. Then hopped around like an idiot and threw it half-assed to second base. Who’s your daddy? Me. Yeah!

The ball’s impact forced the edge of the shin pad into my leg and cracked the shin pad. I didn’t have a bruise for the first day and a half, but I did have swelling and pitting edema over my ankle bone. The picture above is from a week after. Lesson learned!

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