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Thirsties Cloth Diaper Cover

Thirsties Cloth Diaper Cover :: Dat Bum!

I have been using the Thirsties cloth diaper cover for close to 2 months now. I have to give it a 7 out of 10 for the moment… It just fits weird on my little big guy.

My son has huge thighs and is above 18 lbs. This particular cover is a size 2, intended for babies 18+ lbs, so maybe I just jumped the gun on this size. That said, it does an amazing job of containing urine and poo explosions for this breastfed baby.

The cover has sizing snaps in the middle of the diaper that allow you to adjust the length of the diaper to fit your baby better. The snaps work decently, but easily come undone while you adjust the velcro of the diaper. The velcro as well is not very strong and comes undone easily so it cannot maintain a snug fit.

The thirsties cover has a rail around the leg openings which help to contain poop and urine, should it be needed. I have had a few occasions where (TMI) liquidy poop has found its way right to the legs, but is stopped dead by this cover.

Since there is no lining, you can easily wipe this diaper cover off and let it air dry for extra uses. If it needs a full wash, it will dry relatively quick: About an hour.

It comes in many cute patterns and is decently priced. All in all, I wouldn’t buy another one of these covers, but compared to the Grovia ones I have, I like it because of how it does not contain a mesh lining in it, so it can be reused more often between washes.

I love to plug Baby Bell Hop’s website because I continually get amazing customer service, quick shipping, awesome instructional videos, good prices, and great products. Holla! They are located in Victoria (local to me) and offer pick-up for locals.

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