This Week’s Monday to do List…

This week I am very bogged down by school work. I have my first mid-term exam for my health and healing course, covering a lot of new material that I haven’t had the chance to review too much. I also have an essay I need to make a skeleton on slash get a good head start on as I’m meeting with my instructor to review it later in the week. As such, the house will be taking a back seat. With that said, though I am carrying over some house work from last week:

  1. Tuesday: Super deep bathroom clean (times two)
  2. Wash my poor car and give it a good vacuum
  3. Create the thesis for my paper and establish a skeleton outline
  4. Swap out my summer clothes for cold weather clothes
  5. Tidy up our upstairs pantry shelf
  6. Midwife appointment: 14 weeks 🙂
  7. Write post for this week’s Sunshine Organics haul!

What is your to do list for this week?

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