Touching on Dementia

Straight out of nursing school, I got a line on a dementia unit. Working with dementia patients is incredibly regarding, though frustrating at times. Frustrating initially because it’s hard to come to terms with how these individuals aren’t always capable of being talked out of their frustration, sadness, or anger.

School prepares you by giving you tools and techniques to work with, but it doesn’t prepare you to understand the deep depths of this disease. You might think that a calm approach with your genuine smile can persuade a demented patient out of being agitated, however, this is not always the case.

Unlike other illnesses, dementia presents its own special legal and ethical issues. I’d like to share some interesting articles and invite you as a person who may have dementia in your family, friends, or even as a care taker or health professional.

Concealing Medications – An ethical discussion on in article format.
8 Red Flags That a Caregiver Needs a Break – Caregivers are under a heavy load!
Use of Routine for Dementia Sufferers – Some tips for ADLs.

First at formost, if you are a caregiver, you must take care of yourself. Reach out to the community, find out what resources are available to you. Take advantage when people offer you help. Get out of the house and find time for yourself away from this incredibly heavy responsibility of yours.

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