Trials and Tribulations

In November, managed to land a temporary line at a long term care facility. I had an amazing time there. Learned a lot and met a great assortment of coworkers. Out of the four places I have worked, this place has been the best. Really friendly coworkers, patient-centred care (rather than task oriented), clean, and bright. I was really sad last week when I worked my last shift of the line.

In case you’re wondering, a line is essentially a rotation or a set schedule. I was covering someone else’s schedule temporarily.

I found it hard to find appropriate daycare in the Comox Valley for myself. It seems that there aren’t any licensed providers that open before 7 and as my shift started at 7, I needed care prior to then. Especially considering that my commute was anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes long (depending on the weather and traffic… Apparently, there are a lot of “Wide Loads” at night and early AM!)

I had to rely on my mom which is really the last thing I want to do. She is sick with Lyme’s first off, and secondly it doesn’t take long for the give and take to be tipped in my favour. Whether I want it to be or not. I’m stuck in a hard position without many options. I could always hire someone out of home but then I would hardly break even when it comes to bills and costs.

Kids will grow. There will be a time when I won’t need care for them. It will be a bitter-sweet relief since I will have to come to terms with them growing up and not needing me as much. My role in their life wil evolve as will their own roles in their life.

One by one, they will reach their 18th birthday and I will be left alone. No partner. No one to cherish at the end of a day’s work. Just me, myself, and I. Eventually, I will come to terms with this. And at that point, I will be humble and at peace. I’m getting there.

Until then, I am filled with empty apathy.

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