Update and Chit Chat

Baseball season is done, although ladies’ league has started. This year, it felt like a very short season. Perhaps because I didn’t participate in nearly as many tournaments as I did last year. Weekends are when I’m most often called into work and are also when tournaments are held, so I chose to focus on work this year.

And then I didn’t get many calls. Go figure. I hate being a casual employee. It makes it really hard to plan anything. You would think that being a casual would make planning things easier, but most of my day is built around “Just in case I get a call to work.” And I don’t sign up for certain events in hopes of getting shifts and just end up not getting the shift nor participating in the event. Sure, it’s nice being able to have freedom to plan time off without having to apply for time off, but at the same time, it’s really hard to plan bills around “potential” income.

Ahh. Alright, rant number two: be aware that Shaw is increasing their prices once again and their current packages are terrible. Such low download speeds. In our 5-person home, if one person is watching Netflix, others will have to wait a few minutes for a website to load. A website. I can hear the beep, cckckckckcckc, reeeeeerrrrrrr, zzzzzzz of the dial-up modem in my memories coming alive.

Rant 3… Yesterday morning, I spent a good 40 minutes researching and writing an article about asbestos. It was great, it was informative, it was gone in an instant. Laptops with touchpads that have an overly sensitive back swipe gesture set… Oh lawds. I wasn’t too thrilled.

Happy things! We’ve been hanging around the waters here in the Comox Valley a lot. Exploring rivers, lakes, and beaches. What a gorgeous place this valley is. I haven’t been to the gym in almost a month now. I was doing the Gluteal Goddess workout (and yes, blushing anytime I told someone the name of it) at the gym when I stopped going. I didn’t stop by choice, more the hours changed for summer and I don’t have daycare for my eldest with school being out. I have not been active outside of short walks, house work, and swimming.

Small suggestion… If you are in the valley, check out the Butcher’s Block as they have a really great Summer Package of meat for $150. Seems like a lot, but it is so nice and convenient to have 3 weeks worth of meat (5 person household) in your freezer, at the ready. Meal planning is easier, the meat is sourced from local farms and are raised well/healthy. Also, the employees there are all kick ass. Super cool and funny people. And Tuesday is turducken sandwich day. Wink, wink.

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