Learning Styles (LA #3)

This learning activity writes out most of the key points right on its own pages, so it’s pretty important to read over those a few times.

The main purpose of this learning activity is to identify your personal style of learning so that you can find tools and skills needed to suite yourself best in order to help you through this course. The Practical Nursing program is mostly based on self-directed learning. You must motivate yourself to go through each learning activity by yourself (or in a group) in order to learn what is required of you.

Different types of knowing: Aesthetic, empirical, ethical, personal.
Types of learners: Visual, Auditory, Tactual.
Elaboration… Logical learner, musical learner, linguistic learner, spatial learner.

I don’t feel these are 100% correct, but these are the definitions we were taught:

  • Aesthetic Knowing Think the “art” of nursing. It is an intangible quality incorporating the mind, soul, and imagination.
  • Empirical Knowing Knowing to utilize the information. Knowing “how to” do something in nursing.
  • Ethical Knowing Decision making and doing the right thing. Can be applied to the “moral” components of nursing.
  • Personal Knowing  Self learning. The ongoing process of learning “about yourself“.
Types of Learners

  • Visual Learners Learn best by watching. The tend to sit at the front of the class, focus on non-verbal communications, use a lot of high lighting, re-writing notes, and watching videos.
  • Auditory Learners Learn best by listening. Reading aloud, they tend to “hear” words in their head as thy read them, listen rather than take notes, discuss class content to study, make up rhymes and songs to help them remember.  
  • Tactual Learners Learn by doing. They like to examine and handle equipment before using it. Move around while reading, change study positions often, use background music, take short breaks, dress up their work spaces. 



  • Logical Learners Learn best with an organized method of study.
  • Musical Learners Learn best through humming, singing, and playing instruments.
  • Linguistic Learners Learn best by reducing the n umber of words in their notes.
  • Spatial Learners Learn best by studying diagrams, boxes, and special lists in text. Not very linear. 

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