Professional Issues: Introduction to the PNUR Program

The professional issues course surrounds basic history of practical nursing in Canada as well as its current trends and posible expected changes to the role of a practical nurse. The history of practical nursing is quite interesting and our role has changed immensely in the past few decades… Even the past few years.

As a student, it is your responsibility to ask questions if you don’t understand anything about the topics being discussed in any of your courses. In a program such as this one, it is very important that you ask the question now and not later. It is easy to fall behind in this course. Please be aware that the VIU campus offers free tutoring to all its students. If you feel you need some extra help, please do check out the student resources that are available to you and also make use of the open lab practices generally held on Fridays. More importantly, make sure that you have time set aside each week for something other than this course or you will get burnt out!

Read ahead as much as possible. When you’ve caught up on the lesson activities… Read further ahead.

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