Week 20 Pregnancy Update

Well, my friends. We have made it to the half-way mark. It still doesn’t feel real, even as baby bounces around in my stomach, kicking up a storm, so much so that it can be seen on the outside.

My nausea levels are still manageable. Celebrate! Yes! I’m taking two diclectin at bedtime and if I skip out on that, I will and do end up throwing up first thing in the morning. I have been experiencing absolutely intense sweet cravings. I could eat sugary items all day, everyday. And I might have… I might have taken advantage of driving past Time Horton’s a time or two. I may have eaten a sickening amount of doughnuts last week. I’m not exaggerating. When I go hardcore, I do it well. I then get to suffer the consequence of bad heart burn, which seems to come around everyday, regardless of time or consumption. It burns to the point where my eyes water and breathing becomes a little difficult.

#20weekspregnant #halfwaythere #blendedfamily #dueapril2017 exhausted after work. Where’d my ribs go??

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I finally popped for my belly picture! On Friday, that is. Yesterday, I had a small bump again, barely noticeable as a pregnant belly. I’m sure it will pop out and stay out soon. I’m convinced my butt and my breasts are growing more than my belly. 🙁

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