Weekly Round-Up

  1. I played Batman For an hour yesterday! That never happens. See the stream here. I think I have to tinker around to get the video better quality.
  2. I added four new pages and added to another: added Practical Nursing Professional Issues Learning Styles (LA #3), edit to Practical Nursing Professional Issues History of Nursing/Nursing through the ages, added page Florence Nightingale, and added Privacy Policy.
  3. Finally got off my butt and did a Phriday Photo Dump.
  4. Received an Email from Glymm that my Gymm box was shipped yesterday. Heyooooo!
If you have a January Glymm box review, leave me a comment or give me a shout on twitter (nurseJoc) and I will give you a link and/or an RT 😀 
Not much this week, but it’s at least something 🙂  

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