What a busy month

I can’t believe we are half-way through the month already! I have been amazingly busy between a broken washing machine, baseball season coming to an end, birthday parties, swimming lessons, trips to the lakes, oh my!

I haven’t been sticking to a budget terribly well, though I’m certainly not going over… That said, I will definitely be over budget this month for groceries simply because I haven’t taken the time to plan things out as I should have and I haven’t been spending enough time at home so as to prepare meals, snacks, and so forth. Bad me! Bad!

I’ve been outside of the house more than I have been in it.

Onto other things… I am just getting ready now to sleep train Keagan. I’m dreading it like crazy, but our Storkcraft replacement part and converstion kit has come in the mail earlier this week. With my return to work looming closely, it’s about time for he and I to get ready for a proper bed time schedule. He’s been a complete dream so far, but he’s too wiggly for my big, tall bed, and I’m sick of using the futon! 😛

Any suggestions for books, please suggest away! I will be looking at the no-cry sleep solution first.

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