What’s Your Cleaning Routine?

At one point or another in our adult life, we have to come to the realization that housework has to be done every day – no ifs, ands, or butts! Especially if you have kiddos. So, I’m curious! What are your daily, weekly, monthly, etc. chores? I’ll start…

Daily Chores

  • Dishes. Emptying the dishwasher, loading it, and emptying the sink of any hand wash-only dishes.
  • Laundry. Wash, dry, fold, and put them suckers away.
  • I try to sweep and vacuum every day, but it isn’t always doable.
  • Diaper laundry. Rinse diapers in tub, rinse tub, soak, wash.
  • Tidy living room & kitchen as needed.
Weekly Chores
  • Change sheets on each bed.
  • Dust, vacuum, and sweep all rooms.
  • Tidy Aine’s room.
  • Tidy Keagan’s areas. (diapers, clothes, etc.)
  • Clean microwave.
  • Clean stovetop (Poor SOBs we are — we have an old school stove with coil heating elements!)
  • Garbage — remove all garbage from bins and put into one giant bag.
Monthly Chores
  • Tidy/clean  car.
  • Wash bouncy chair cover, play matt, and car seat.
  • Sort through toys, clothes, etc. that need to be thrown out or are ready for donation.
  • Bottle depot & SOS run to purge bottles, extra recyclables, old clothes, toys, and household items.
  • Sort through any paperwork that needs doing (taxes, finances, etc.)
Speaking of chores, I really need to get out to do the gutters soon! It’s cold weather, wind storm, and rain season. haha “rain season” as if that exists on Vancouver Island. It’s not rain “season,” it’s just “rain.”   Rain forrest, you see. They aren’t all tropical. Fortunately: Tropical bugs are scary as heck!

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