Window Garden…

I often overdo myself… I’m 8 months pregnant, sick (nausea, anemia) and I have pubic symphasis dysfunction, yet I still find myself forcing my body to do hard chores around the house since my husband has a bad back. Hard chores include ripping out a vanity of our small bathroom (reno needs to be completed before baby comes, but I have zero help with it, so I have to pull up my boot straps and do it myself), removing wallpaper, moving furniture around, mowing the lawn, removing dog poop from the yard, moving yard furniture around, cleaning out the garage, and so forth… All the while keeping up on the daily house work chores (dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, etc.)

The only things I’ve stopped doing (as much) are scrubbing the bathtub (I can’t bend in a way that would allow this, plus the fumes aren’t fabulous for baby), and the kitty litter. Though I find myself doing the cat litter a few times a month in spite of the various warnings against pregnant women doing it. Cats need a clean place to poop, though! And if it’s not getting done… It’s not getting done and I am not okay with that.

Uh. Anyway. Since I am not fit enough to work on the yard more than just mowing and picking up poop, I had to start a wee garden inside. I’m sure not all of it will work out and I have no plans on actually using the items unless they do grow! My daughter and I needed a gardening project! I think it’s important for kiddlets to learn how much work goes into growing vegetables and such and it’s a great learning experience regardless. Farmers, R-E-S-P-E-C-T — they do damn hard work!!

Drum roll, please?


My delicious smelling little darlings

Basil… OMG. No house should go a full year without having fresh basil at their every whim. It smells so darn good and it’s delicious! Best salad ever is made with fresh basil, boccaccini, and tomatoes. Mouth watering awesomeness.

I also like to refer to the plant as “Pesto in Progress.” I love pesto sauces. I was 23 when I tried it for the first time and I haven’t looked back… Without grabbing a few cartons of pesto sauce, that is.



The horror!

We used seeds from last year… Some from the year before that. I tend to start off seeds in the house and then harden off the ones I don’t let die, then transplant them into the side yard. Unfortunately, this means that there are a few seeds that I have not cared for properly and have died. After multiple weeks of the seed germinating, I had to teach my daughter about premature seed death.

The chives didn’t make it. RIP…



We have some thriving tomato plants, some experimental “organic” yellow bell peppers, parsley, and a pea plant (which will likely die soon because it is running out of room inside its shiny pink pot.


Parsley: 2 weeks to germinate


Tomato Plants!


Bell Peppers, nom!










Pretty in PEAnk


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