With[out] Borders Boxer Rescue

People who run animal rescue groups are amazing, selfless people and they deserve a lot of praise… Unless they are out of touch with the spirit of their organization. That said, I present to you a story of my family’s experience with the Without Borders Boxer Rescue. Facebook group found here.

A few months ago, my mom adopted a skinny dog with diverticulitis from the WBBR. The dog was a very docile, gentle boxer who had issues gaining weight. My mom put him on a regimen of Slippery Elm, raw food (meats, veggies, safely ground up bones) and kefir (a yogurt-like substance rich in probiotics). The rescue dog put on weight perfectly and had less and less incidences of diarrhea.

For the first while, the rescue dog and her older dog got along amazingly well. They played together well and even went on play dates with her friend’s two other boxers. Unfortunately, something happened and we’re still not 100% sure what it was, but the rescue dog began attacking the other dog.

My mom attempted a trial and error to see if anything in particular was causing the dog fights, but nothing really stood out as a constant aside from small spaces, which would be most of her house because of the cozy setup and layout.

Regardless, the dogs got into a major fight a few weeks ago which resulted in a trip to the ER for a chunk of skin missing from my mom’s shin. Stitches were placed, leaving the wound open for draining. The 5″x3″x2″ wound unfortunately became infected, requiring IV antibiotics as well as oral antibiotics. The dogs continued to fight without any improvement.

WBBR gave no help to her. None. No suggestions, no support, nothing.

In fact, after hearing that my mother’s leg was infected, the people of WBBR said nothing about it. Any normal, decent person would ask if she was okay, how she felt, or hope for her to get better. Instead, the conversation was 100% about getting the dog back to the rescue. No talk of trying to rehabilitate the dog or anything of the sort.

To add onto that, the person who was talking with my mom completely ignored my mom when she was talking about how she had managed to get the dog’s health back on track with her regimen. Something that is kind of important, wouldn’t you think?

Anyway, the real pisser happened later. Plans were made for the dog to go back to the rescue mostly in part because my mom had zero support from WBBR. As soon as the dog had exchanged hands, Jennifer deleted and blocked my mom on facebook, had her husband block and delete my mom from facebook, and banned my mom from their facebook group (linked above). Nice!

If you are looking to support a boxer rescue, please find one that will be more supportive in your endeavors than “Without” Borders Boxer Rescue… Which should be renamed “With” Borders Boxer Rescue, since if you run into any issues, you are cut off because they simply do not care about you.

I found their experience highly unprofessional; very cut and dry, and not caring at all. Non-profit or not, they are still not worthy of our time.

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