Working Hard, Getting Nowhere

The title is a little negative, but I feel like I am absolutely busting my butt taking care of the three of us, yet I’m not making much progress elsewhere. Cleaning, cooking, entertaining, budgeting… The day is always over before I get to focus on me. My kids are both amazingly happy, fortunately!

Keagan is just shy of 8 months and is sitting up, rolling around, army crawling, and out-right demanding to have solid foods. He screams at you if you’re eating and he doesn’t have something to eat. hehe

He’s still an excellent sleeper and a very chill baby. Anytime between 6 and 8 pm, he is in bed and I generally go to bed then as well. I have my laptop with me when I go to bed, so I watch TV shows or just surf around on the Internet, unless there are tasks on Clickworker or LeapForce (paid work).

Actually, I tend to spend a lot of time trying to make money on those two websites. The amount of work is limited, so I only pull an average of $100.00 each month, which is awesome regardless. That’s a week and a bit’s worth of groceries! Any money helps as a singly parent.

My daughter seems to be settling into the role of being a big sister and is doing amazing. She plays with Keagan, helps with him, and has been very helpful around the house without being asked lately. Perhaps the Easter bunny and the Toothfairy have influenced her? 🙂

Sadly, the other morning, she came into my room sad and said that she missed her dad. That’s rough. I told her that he misses her, too, and that she and him will have a great visit whenever he returns from his vacation in Thailand. I’m sure he will have a lot o fun stories to tell her when she goes over to his house for a visit… Elephant rides, snuggling up to baby tigers, hikes through ruins, etc.

I’m not sure if I’m jealous of his adventure, or content and happy to be here with my kids. Kids are little for only so long. I’ll have plenty of time to live my life for me when they’re older.

I’ll book myself a trip to Thailand once they become bitchy teenagers 😀

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