Yogurt Chicken and What Has Become of the Challenge

Yogurt Chicken

Yogurt Chicken

Since I am still attempting to rehydrate myself (while keeping a close fetal doppler eye on le’ baby), boyfriend made yogurt chicken last night and it was pretty darn amazing. I can’t enjoy food lately and eating is an absolute chore, but the chicken was delicious. I can tell when something is delicious, but I can’t enjoy it as a palatable item. It’s weird. I’m glad there are no cooks in the family, or I would be making some enemies by now!

I did plan out my meals for this week and I will post them for you all.

Unfortunately, with my hyperemesis gravidarum becoming more and more of a health risk for me, I have to close this challenge… No. Put it on hold. I think a good time to start it again will be in October, once baby has been here for a month and once my daughter has been in school for a month. Dear challenge, we shall meet again in a few months!

That said, I will be preparing for a new challenge. It will have to be something I can do while mostly bed ridden as I am on sick leave from work and am just inches away from a hospital admission. I’m guessing it’ll have to be something silly like writing an article or even a blog post every day. Not very exciting! Give me ideas if you have them.

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