28 Weeks Pregnant: A Little Update For You Lovelies

It’s been a while since I updated my blog on how my pregnancy is going. Let’s take a look shall we?

Week: 28.
Baby size: Around 2.2 lbs
Height: Just over 14.5″, approximately

Symptoms: Nausea remains, pelvic girdle pain remains but is now managed well with physio and special care during activities, reduced/slowed stomach emptying, severe itchiness of hands and feet which is worse at night.

Last week, I came down with the flu which was just awful. Being that sick while pregnant is not fun; you can only take Tylenol/Acetaminophen to keep the fever at bay and hope and pray that baby thrives throughout it all in the end. We both came out of it mostly unscathed thus far.

I did go to bed the day after my fever broke with the most insatiable itchiness all over my body. The night after, that itchiness had  made its way to my hands and feet only. Severe, almost painful itchiness that nothing was helping. It has kept me awake two nights in a row thus far. By that, I mean I will fall asleep and wake up 10, 15, 30 minutes later with the most excruciating itch I’ve ever experienced and no amount of scratching helps it. Lotions don’t touch it, nor do essential oils, or calamine lotion.

The strange thing is that the itchiness is tolerable and at times non-existent during the daytime, but as soon as night time rolls around, it becomes unbearable again. On advice from my midwife, I’ve picked up some benadryl to try to help with sleep and the itchiness if I need it tonight.

To top off this cherry cheesecake topping of a month, my ears are both filled with fluid from remnants of the flu, which is making hearing very difficult. My cough is still prominent.

I went in for iron levels, CBC, liver function tests, and serum bile salt levels on Monday, so I will patiently await those results!


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