37 Weeks… “Term”

Some people believe 37 weeks of pregnancy to be “term.” I believe this is due to the fact that babies born on or after 37 weeks are less likely to require breathing assistance since their alveoli have enough surfactant to not collapse themselves in the outside world.

Although it is “term,” it is not “full term,” and babies continue to put on weight, ready their bodies, and grow their brains between 37 and 40-some-odd weeks of pregnancy.

That said, this baby can come out any time.

Through my whole pregnancy up until this week, I have been fine with the idea of going to 42 weeks which is full term — 40 weeks is not full term like popular belief — I don’t care how nauseous I am, or how uncomfortable my belly makes me, or how little sleep I’m getting.

Now, I cannot walk. I can’t drive anywhere. I can’t dress myself. I can barely get to the bathroom without excruciating pain. I want the baby to come out ASAP and not necessarily for selfish reasons, but the longer I stay in a condition like this, the less healthy I’m going to be and as a result, the less healthy my body will be for the baby. The more sedentary I am, the more difficult the labor will be for myself and for the baby as a result.

So, essentially… The longer the baby stays in, the more I waste away. If I waste, baby does too… Especially considering that I will be its only provider for the first 6 months of life.

So, baby. Come on out! If you’re not ready, then tell my body to heal a little so I can eat better for you and be more active/more healthy for you.

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