April 2012 Budget Overview

April was incredibly tight. I had some bulk foods and ingredients going into this month, so I was able to keep the budget somewhat low even though I ended up buying some spices, house supplies, and… Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Oh, post-Easter sales. You so silly.

Regular grocery trips: $239.71
Costco: $ 20.00 (rounded up… My sister grabs me milk, cream, and sometimes cheese)
Junk food (hehe): $7.06
Grand total: $266.77

How the heck did… Huh. Okay. That seems really low, but I double-checked my receipts and bank account. Wowies! I don’t think I’ll be able to beat that next month. I will try, though 😉

I’ll post the meal plans and such as I go.

I am going through far too much gas right now, because I have kept my daughter in the school the next town over. I’m not willing to separate her from her teacher and classmates. She’s going through enough change right now.

Gas total: $153.61

Household misc/supplies (rugs, pans, etc.) $95.12

Total for variable expenses: $515.50.

Ouch D:

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