Brunch at the Café

Oh my goodness that sounds so posh.

Since my partner doesn’t have his license, I wind up stuck driving him everywhere. His bi-weekly physio appointments are no exception. Waking up in the morning with morning sickness while dead tired to drive someone somewhere is not my cup of tea!

Today, I decided to try and make it into something positive by promising my daughter to take her to brunch at a café shop we found near the physio building. It was something else to hear my five-year-old wake me up with “Mommy, let’s go have brunch at the café.” I felt like I was raising an upper east sider a ‘la Gossip Girl.

Daughter and I ended up ordering crêpes which were smothered with canned fruit. Bleh. I love crêpes, but I dislike canned fruit, especially when ordering from a restaurant. I’m not picky in the least when it comes to food, but this morning my stomach didn’t care for canned fruit! I ate it anyway… I’m entering the 8th month of pregnancy and baby is collecting its stores of fat and nutrients, so nausea or not I have to strap on my big girl boots. The kind of boots without heels, because I’m just not feeling the whole pregnant in heels thing.

All in all, it wasn’t too bad. It was nice to start the day off with a visit to a sit down restaurant, especially since there was coffee and a darling little girl involved. Now, if only I could have gotten her to sit still for a photo to add to this post. I brought my camera, but daughter was not interested in it at all! Found one I was able to snap while she wasn’t looking! Muahaha!

Cheeky Girl

Sneaky, Sneaky

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