Bucket List for Central Vancouver Island

In talking with some people, there are a few places I would like to visit this summer… And time is running out! We live in such an amazing place. Vancouver Island boasts gorgeous places to visit and lots of free activities. Hikes, swimming (lakes, river, ocean, you name it), and trails galore. Although my list is bigger, I hope to knock out a few of these over the next three weeks:

Myra Falls

A bit of a drive and then a long hike to the falls, but worth it for the beauty.

Landslide Lake

A multi-day hike! Might have to save this one for next year, but looks to be very worth it.

Oyster River Potholes 

The potholes here are quite the site. I haven’t been there, but the pictures look amazing. Between Campbell River and Courtenay.

Medicine Bowls 

Not kid appropriate. Many of the places on this list are best suited for adults who are well aware of the dangers, but this one in particular can catch people off guard if the water levels rise suddenly.

Century Sam

Another multi-day or long day hike in and out!


I tried linking to fellow bloggers who provided some excellent pictures and descriptions of the areas. What is your favourite Vancouver Island hike? What is your favourite kid-appropriate hike?

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