Comox Valley Fishing and Other Updates

About a month ago, I was running during a baseball game and crunched something inside my knee when I landed with my foot… I don’t remember my knee twisting funny or anything of the sort, but I managed to tear my meniscus. For three weeks, I could not straighten my leg and could only bend it so far.

Stubbornly, I went to work for three night shifts and one half day shift before I came to terms with the fact that something was seriously wrong with my knee. It was painful, swollen, and I did not have normal range of motion. I finally went in to see a surgeon and the next day, I was booked and undergoing arthroscopic surgery. I am not very happy about having a meniscectomy, but I ended up having one. I don’t know the details of it, because my surgeon did not speak with me after word… I cried when I was told I had a piece of my fairly important meniscus cut out. I had previously researched PRP and PRM therapy and wanted to opt for that rather than surgical removal. Part of me just wanted it over with, so I didn’t speak up for that… I digress. I was secretly hoping it was a tear that could be sutured while he was in my knee for the exploratory arthroscopy, but the simple arthroscopy turned into a meniscectomy and I was warned of that being a possibility, so I can’t be upset with anyone but myself.

My surgery was 10 days ago. I’m walking mostly normal, I can almost straighten my leg fully and my extension is about 100 degrees right now, 90 degrees comfortably.

Onto better things! I started a new website that I will be pouring myself into. A new hobby of mine is fishing, though I found it really hard to start fishing without knowing all the legalities, ethics, and so forth. It’s really hard to learn without having a guide and not many people can afford to charter a guide when all you want to do is cast out a line and just reel it in… Which is illegal without certain licenses. Hence the dilema! Hop on over to my new website to check out how you can launch yourself into this relaxing and at times exciting hobby:

Comox Valley Fishing,

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