Dollar Shave Club

Not a paid post. NOT A PAID POST. I am sick and tired of the prices of razors. I tried the knock-off store brands, which resulted in many scratches as the handles would quickly deteriorate and drop the blades at random times, causing the blunt edge of the cartridge holder to slide not-so-lovingly against my skin. Mmm, fresh scratches.

The Dollar Shave Club minimalist envelope

The Dollar Shave Club’s minimalist envelope.  $7.29 for a complementary handle and 4 cartridges. Recurring billing so you receive four replacement cartridges each month right to your door.


I was also sick of paying–on average–$30.00 for 6 cartridges, each of which would last me maybe a week before losing its sharpness. This means changing it once a week if you didn’t feel like using a dull razor and harvesting the true power of ingrown hairs. Rawr. In essence, this worked out to roughly $20.00 per month. A cost that I could only talk myself into when my tax return comes. Living the big life, you guys. Big dreams.

I’ve endured a lot of ingrown hairs. What can I say?

I’m a daily shaver, sometimes every other day, but since the age of 20, I’ve rarely gone more than a day in between shaving my legs and arm pits… And my arms. Thank you, Cody Ward for saying my arms look like that of a monkey in grade 10. I remember. Oh, I remember. And other things.

I go through cartridges easily. So the point of this post is! (Drum roll, please)

Dollar Shave Club is in Canada. They ship in Canada! I was billed $7.29 Canadian on August 15th and yesterday, I checked the mail to receive this:

cheap razors and handles, razor shave club

I’m grabbing myself a bottle of wine, pouring a bubble bath and having a one-on-one date with this glorious beast tonight.

This is a referral link if you’d like to give them a try: here. These guys have three cartridge options (one blade, two blades, too many to count blades) and one heck of a great personality to back up their brand:

humour of the dollar shave club

Official Member Card
Present this card at any bar for a free drink*
* Not really. *Please don’t drink and shave.

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