Flash Lift Radiance :: Lise Watier

An update from my November Glymm Box… I finally tried the Lise Watier Flash lift radiance vial. Then I used it again, and again, and again! The vial contains more than enough product to last at least a month! All you have to do is break it open, then invert the cap that you’ve snapped off to close the vial. Keep it upright, or the contents will spill right out.

I’ve found that I just need a tiny dash on my index finger to do both under-eyes. Best part of the Lise Watier Flash lift radiance vial is that it actually does a pretty decent job of reducing under-eye circles!

Not only does the Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance reduce the undereye circles from my lack of sleep, it helps create a decent foundation for me to apply pressed powder makeup, helping me to cover up any remaining hints of my the bags under my eyes.

I’m keeping this one in my arsenal and possibly will end up buying more once I run out!

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