I am Now the Owner of an iPad

I am posting this blog from an iPad. When iPads first came out, I.hated the idea of them. My friends and I joked that they were overpriced web surfing devices. They are essentially large iPod touches, so why bother?

I have had a few days to get used to having the iPad and have added a few applications to it to test it out. I have added a few kid programs and games, Netflix apps, and some games for myself.

The handiest app so far for myself has been the Netflix app for sure. While I am laying in bed with the baby, nursing, I prop the iPad up against a pillow and watch some shows. On one hand, this is very handy. On the other hand, this is just replacing my laptop’s existing abilities.

Although the iPad is quite neat, I see it as a convenience electronics. In other words, it does things my laptop and/or iPhone could do, but it is smaller and thus more convenient to take with me places.

Unlike my laptop, I can add it to my mobile phone bill and use the internet while I am out and about, but this is still something I could easily do with my smart phone.

I received the iPad as a gift from my husband since the company he works for purchased him a new one as a bonus — pretty darn awesome company to work for! If I had not received this iPad as a gift, I would not have purchased it for myself… Unless my laptop were to die! It would be a nice replacement for a laptop or a great electronic to purchase for someone that does not have a laptop or a smart phone.


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