June 2012 Glymm Box

June Glymm Box Contents

June Glymm Box Contents

Beautiful Blue

Beautiful Blue

June’s Glymm Box Pouch was a pretty nice one. I found each of the products in it to be high quality and practical this month.

I love that they have recently changed from their box to a reusable pouch. So far, I have one kept in my bathroom that houses my razors when I’m not using them… Not that I need razors as a woman. Women don’t have body hair… That… That doesn’t happen.

I’m now using this pouch as my take-along for in my purse. I usually don’t hold a purse, but when I do, it has this inside of it. Inside of the pouch, I keep a small thing of sunscreen, chap stick, a band aide, hand lotion, and a loonie. Never know when you might need a dollar.


I’m going to make this first item a little picture-intense. This product is called Harmony and is a lipstick duo/combo. It has chapstick on one side and lipstick on the other. They have put it into the most interesting packaging I’ve seen in a while. Take a look:


Lip Blam




Lip Stick

This interesting lipstick and lip balm duo is created by Belvada. I believe the sample contained in this month’s Glymm box was actually full-sized, making the value of this Belvada Harmony duo lipstick $20.00. You can refill the duo lipstick with $10.00 refills of both the lip balm and the lip stick in whichever colour you prefer.

I love the packaging and the concept of this product, but I’m not a lipstick kind of girl. I dub thee a five out of five, though… Good quality product, neat concept, good colouring, good value.

Love For your Nails

Love For Your Nails

LA FRESH Acetone-Free nail polish remover. Regular price is 18 individual towelettes for $9.99, making the total value of these two samples around $1.00.

I loved this product. On the front of these individually wrapped nail polish remover pads — which, might I add, are 100% biodegradable — it states “One pad cleans & conditions all 10 nails.” I read that and laughed. Ohhh, did I ever laugh hard. Then I opened one up, and I used it on all 10 of my fingers, each covered with three layers of nail polish more than a week old. Well I’ll be damned… It worked. Not only did it remove all the nail polish, it did so easily. It also made my fingers feel awesome and it had a great smell to it! Amazing… I’ll be adding this one to my arsenal for sure.  Five out of five, good sirs.



Salvador Dali :: It is Dream

Salvador Dali :: It is dream parfume sample. This sample should contain about 35 sprays. This perfume is nice in that it isn’t overpowering. It has a nice floral smell to it that doesn’t give  me a headache like most other perfumes do.

The smell lasts quite a while. Its main smell is quite florally, but it has vague smells of fruit, which I love. I love fruit smells 😀

I’m not sure what the total value of this sample is, but the full size is 60 mL and sells for $54.00… I would see how many mLs are in the sample, but I forget where I put it. I lose a lot of things.

Vitamine & Sea

Vitamine & Sea :: Perfect Skin Solution

Sample size contains roughly 5 uses. Full size is 45 mL and costs $68.00.

I love this treatment. It is an oil based treatment that you smooth over your face at night. It contains carrot seed, jasmine, geranium, rosewood, evening primrose, vitamin E, avocado oil… Lots of good, natural stuff. It left my skin looking instantly supple. I wish I had a larger sample so that I could determine the long-term effect of using this product.

The only down side to this product is… It stinks. Holy hell. It smells so bad. Thank gosh it’s a night-time treatment, because I wouldn’t want to smell that all day. haha


Clark's Botanicals

Clark's Botanicals

Clark’s Botanicals :: Smoothing Marine Cream

Sample size should have about 30 uses in it. It claims only 14, but I don’t tend to bathe my face in creams.

This cream contains glycolic acid, algae extracts, and jasmine absolute. The cream is good for softening the look of your skin, moisturizing the heck out of it, and diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

If I could hug my own face, this cream is what it would feel like. It’s a cream version of a face hug.

Trademark that. “Cream Face Hug.”

The only downside to this Clark’s Botanicals cream is that it is mighty expensive at $115.00 for 50 mL. It certainly feels worth that price, but I won’t be shelling out that kind of money for beauty products any time soon.

Final verdict: June 2012 Glymm box is a success.

Can’t wait for the July 2012 Glymm box to be shipped out during the week of July 10th.

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