Making Money Online: Freelancer

If you have marketable skills, take note of (also .com). This website helps you to find employers looking for people such as yourselves for small, medium, and large projects… Sometimes these projects will even lead to full time employment with the employer.

FreeLancer provides employers the ability to post projects — anything from JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, ruby scripts, to article writing, web design, logo design, documentation support, and so forth. If you can think of it, there is likely a job relating to it.

If you sign up with FreeLancer, you will get the ability to bid on projects and offer your services. FreeLancer handles all the monies and fees for you, streamlining the process. If you have enough dedication and skill, you will be able to use FreeLancer as your main source of income.

Do well in your job and you will get good feedback and a better chance at earning new jobs.

Other jobs available through FreeLancer: copywriting, ghost writing, editing, marketing, search engine optimization, web design, web development, mobile development, data entry, administration jobs, engineering, accounting, human resources, health jobs… Take a look at this page in order to see the hundreds of current categories.

Also on FreeLancer, is the market place which allows you to take existing items that you have and sell them for a set fee. Take a look at some things currently already for sale on the MarketPlace in order to get an idea of what you can sell.

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