Making This House a Home


Miss Green Thumb

Easy Does It...


My daughter and I worked hard during the month of April to get our house to feel more like home. We planted a few seeds in the middle of April and I certainly wasn’t expecting them to sprout, but I wanted to bond with our home a little.

We planted peppers, tomatoes, peas, zucchini, romaine lettuce, and cauliflower.

Inside the house, I planted parsley and basil. I love fresh basil!


June update on the green children…

Regrowing Celery

The celery isn’t doing too bad… It’s not flourishing, but it’s not doing bad. It’s being mediocre. Be fabulous, celery. Be fabulous.

I’ve started some romain lettuces soaking in a dish. We’ll see how those grow!


Zucchinis are hearty little buggers. This was the only one I wasn’t surprised to see. Fruit, my son.

What the hell? Peppers!?

Seriously, Martha Stewart? Is there nothing except insider trading that you can’t do? Martha Stewart brand yellow peppers growing outside in Western BC. Well I’ll be…


Peas! Lots of seedlings.

There are about 7 pea seedlings. I will have to snap a few of them off and hope that the remaining ones grow and fruit.

These outdoor seeds took about a month to show up.

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